literature critique of research study

Write literature critique of “REM sleep-active MCH neurons are involved in forgetting hippocampus-dependent memories”

Roughly the first half of your paper should be a summary of the literature. What was the motivation, what was the hypothesis, what were the major methods (subjects, tools used, if any particular brain region was heavily focused), and what were the results and implications. Consider one paragraph to set the study up, and another to close it out.
The second half of your paper should be two paragraphs, and have more reflective content. The first paragraph is where you can be more critical about the paper (“I didn’t understand how…” or “I didn’t really like the use of animals for this study because…”). The second paragraph should be used to point out the things you liked about the paper (“I thought their manipulation was clever because…..”) and/or things you think would improve the study if it were run again (“I think the study could be improved by utilizing TMS because…”).

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